John HIGGINS, et al. Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. INTERNATIONAL UNION, SECURITY, POLICE, FIRE PROFESSIONALS OF AMERICA (SPFPA), International Executive Board of the SPFPA, and DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Defendants-Appellees. The purpose of this letter is to bring to light serious violations of ethical standards, company policies, DOT regulations and… Read More

Is it possible to learn how to read tarot cards online? When you draw the tarot cards, carefully move across the cards and wait for a pull. Learn the Tarot card meanings Discover the traditional meanings, symbolism, and the numerological and elemental associations of the cards. Recording your readings in your Tarot journal offers a great way to tes… Read More

We've been looking at ways churches can use social media to market their church online and reach others for Christ. When you think about the funny characters of movies and sitcoms you've watched, they are often built around a stereotype. Kids are quite fond of funny goats and they enjoy playing with them. Bridle emphatically cautioned that kids mig… Read More

The Aerial Video shot is a new trend emerging for creating low-altitude imagery through the use of lightweight, remote-controlled helicopter drones. If this is your first time working on a video, or if you still feel you aren't very experienced, give yourself more time to work with So many unforeseen scheduling, shooting and post-production conflic… Read More

Essentially, IPTV(Internet Protocol Television) is described as the secure and reliable delivery to readers of entertainment video and related services over the internet. The prevalence of IPTV based services has increased significantly and it is expected to increase in the future also. A growing number of people are choosing TV experience on the … Read More